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Explanation of 3 Ahadith that a Muslim need to believe and should act

Ad Dunya Mazra'atul Akhirah , Afzal u zikr La ilaha illAllah wa Afzal u-duai Alhamdulillah , Al muslim man salim al muslimoon mi-nl-isanihi wa yadihi

According to the teachings of Islamic education, A Muslim need to believe and act on Ahadith and verses form Holy Quran. Here are three Ahadith about what Muslims need to believe and how they should act as they are essential part of the teachings of Islam.

الْمُسْلِمُ مَنْ سَلِمَ الْمُسْلِمُونَ مِنْ لِسَانِهِ وَيَدِهِ

Al muslim man salim al muslimoon mi-nl-isanihi wa yadihi

[A Muslim is one from whose tongue and hand Muslims are safe.]


This hadith states certain essential characteristics of a true believer. A Muslim is required to be a source of comfort for his brother Muslims. The tongue and the hands should not be used to inflict emotional or physical harm. According to the Islamic education, A Muslim and a true believer of Allah Almighty should not taunt, curse or abuse others, nor should he inflict injury. As all such misuses give birth to discord or evil.

The holy prophet Hazrat Muhammad ﷺ said,

Abusing a Muslim is a great sin, and fighting with him is kufr (disbelief)

أفضلُ الذِّكْرِ : لا إله إلا اللهُ، وأفضلُ الدعاءِ : الحمدُ للهِ

Afzal u zikr La ilaha illAllah wa Afzal u-duai Alhamdulillah

[The best remembrance is, “There is no god but God”, and the best prayer is, “Praise be to God”]


Zikr (remembrance) and Du’a (supplication) are two essential components of a Muslim’s routine. The Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad declared that no one performs a better deed than the one who repeats, “There is no god except Allah” a hundred times a day. One enters into Islam with this declaration, and repeated remembrance of this strengthens  and renews faith.

This expression has many implications; “There is none worthy of worship, none to be feared, none to be loved, except Allah”. Such Zikr can only cause one to pray, “There is no god but Allah”. The Quran says that if a believer thanks Allah, He will grant him even more.

الدُّنْیَا مَزْرَعَةُ الآخِرَةِ

Ad Dunya Mazra'atul Akhirah

[The world is a cultivating ground for the hereafter]


According to the teachings of Islamic education, belief in the Hereafter (Akhirah) is an article of faith in Islam.

The Quran says,

(it is) He Who created Death and Life that He may try which of you is best in deed (Surah Mulk; 67:2)

A Muslim should spend his life in this world as a candidate does in an examination hall. The results will be announced on day of judgment.

If good deeds exceed evil deeds, paradise will be granted. If evil deeds are more than good deeds, the end will be hell fire.

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