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The most important features of the Qur'an teachings about Prophethood

According to the Islamic faith, all the prophets and messengers were humans created and sent by Allah Almighty, led a normal human life, and were mortal. They were, however, distinct from and superior to ordinary humans in the way that they were chosen by Allah Almighty, had a specially ordained divine mission, and enjoyed special protection from God. Such distinguishing features of the prophets have been repeatedly mentioned in the Quran. The following Quranic verse is an example:

These (prophets or messengers) were then men to whom we gave The Book, and Authority and Prophethood. 

The verse indicates that the prophets and messengers were special people who received a divine message and were gifted with authority and prophethood.

Similarly, another verse describes the prophets as: 

Before you (Muhammad) also, the messengers we sent were but men, to whom we granted inspiration. If you realize this not, ask those who possess the Message. Nor did we give them bodies that ate no food, nor were they exempt from death.

This verse beautifully sums up the similarities and dissimilarities between ordinary men and the messengers of God. All these prophets conveyed the same universal message to the nations to whom they were sent, and this was the message of Tauhid or Oneness of God and submission before Him:

Nor a messenger did We send before you without this inspiration sent by Us to him: 'that there is no god but I therefore worship and serve Me.

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