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Prayers (Salat) help to keep the community united


As-Salat is to be offered by men in the congregation, it also acts as a primary factor in binding the Muslim community together. Although the mosque is primarily a place of worship, it also acts as the central meeting point of the surrounding community. When all adult Muslim males will come together five times a day in the mosque, friendship and fraternity flourish.

When Muslims stand shoulder to shoulder in well-organized rows before their Lord, their hearts also come closer. The Messenger said, "Make sure that you stand with no gaps in between, or else Satan will cause division amongst you."

To the observer, this formation seems as disciplined as any military exercise, and no difference of any kind, may it be social status, financial standing, color, or creed, is observed. It imbues into the minds of the worshippers that all men are equal before Allah.

It repeatedly reminds them of not only their spiritual and physical submission before Allah but also of the fact of their accountability before Him.

The Holy Prophet (ﷺ) greatly emphasized the offering of Salat collectively. The reward from Allah is multiplied twenty-seven times when offered in congregation. Regarding those who deliberately refused to partake in congregational prayer,

He declared it as a sign of hypocrisy. He was so particular about it and expressed such anger at those who missed it, that it was inconceivable for any of his companions not to partake.

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