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Islamic education and the concepts of essential elements of life

A wolf and goat sitting togather

Certain elements are very important for our lives. These essential elements include the clarity and concept of religion (Deen), the concept of knowledge (Ilm), the concept of humanity, and the concept of wisdom in life. Islamic education guides these essential elements of life i.e. humanity, wisdom, vision, knowledge, and justice beautifully and completely. Indeed, Islamic education is the comprehensive guide that allows a wolf and a goat to drink from the same port. Islamic education is the complete code of conduct.

Islamic Education & the religion Islam

Religion is important for all humans around the globe because it’s a source of unity and boundness. All religions suggest to people the best possible way of living life. Islam is also a religion just like other religions around the globe. But the difference is that it is the last and only complete code of conduct to spend life with peace and prosperity here and for the hereafter. As it is revealed on the last Prophet of the chain of prophecies which were around 124,000 who were sent by Allah almighty as our guides.

Islamic education is a school of thought that is based on Qur'an and sunnah. These are two types of pious books which guides us towards Sirat-e-Mustaqeem (the right path). Qur'an is a Holy book that Allah almighty revealed on Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) which is the complete guide to live our life. Whereas, sunnah books explain the revealed verses of the Holy Qur'an and tell about the way Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) spend his life with his companions and people around him.

Islamic education is an important and compulsory part of our life. It is as important as all other disciplines and specialities to pursue. Because it sets principles that are the fundamentals of living a happy, prosperous, and peaceful life.  

Islamic Education & the concept of Justice (Adal o Insaaf)

Justice is something that allows a wolf and a goat to drink from the same port without fear and hunger. Islamic education has principles that don’t allow any sort of tyranny and cruelty. Islamic principles support protecting the weaker socioeconomic society and opposing the tyrants.

Islamic education provides vision and wisdom to think beyond self-actualization and self-needs. Islamic education suggests individuals always think of life which is long-lasting. A never-ending life that awaits the day of judgment. Life will start after the death of a temporary world. Wisdom and vision of muimneen (those who follow Islamic education principles properly) carry a supper judge with themselves who bound them to do justice with themselves. And their supreme judge is their conscience (Zameer). Which restrict them from doing anything which against the principles of Islam and its education. That’s how people live happily, prosperously, and peacefully through following principles of Islamic education in every bit of their life.

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