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Romanus IV Diogenes and the battle of Manzikert

Romanus IV Diogenes Byzantine Emperor

Romanus IV Diogenes was a Greek-led Byzantine emperor. He was succeeded as emperor on January 1, 1068, and remained emperor till the defeat in the Battle of Manzikert also spelt battle of Malazgirt on August 26, 1071 AD.

Romanus is also spelt Romanos in some history books. He was died on August 4, 1072, around one year after an unexpected defeat of the battle of Manzikert. He died in Prote which was a part of Byzantine Empire till it was won by the Ottoman Empire. Now it is in Turkey. Romanus was also a key member of the Cappadocian military aristocracy. Aristocracy was considered the highest social class of Byzantine Empire at that time.

Romanus was a successor to Constantine X Ducas who was the emperor as well as victorious of the civil aristocracy. Romanus married Eudocia Macrembolitisan, the widow of Constantine X Ducas. Both of them, Romanus and Eudocia married just after the death of Ducas in 1068.

Romanus led the military along with the French, and Germans against Sultan Alp Arsalan and Seljuqs. But he was defeated in the battle of Malazgirt in 1071 and imprisoned by Sultan Alp Arsalan and the Seljuq army.

He was then released on a request of his successor Michael VII Ducas Son of Constantine X Ducas who was solely crowned after the imprisonment of Romanus. On the release of Romanus, he was blinded and exiled alone to Prote where he has died. Prote was an island located in the Sea of Marmara which is now in Turkey.

Historians do not write about Romanus in good words. They often quote him as rude, coward, arrogant, and greedy. He spent his last days losing everything and everyone he cares about.

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