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Hazrat Hasan Ibn Ali RaḍyAllāhu 'anhu – A short biography in English

Hassan Ibn Ali Biography

Hazrat Hasan Ibn Ali RayAllāhu 'anhu was the son of Hazrat Ali binAbi Talib RayAllāhu 'anhu and Hazrat Fatima RayAllāhu 'anha, the daughter of the Holy Prophet . The Holy Prophet himself named him Hassan, meaning the beautiful one. As a child, he would often be seen sitting in the Holy Prophet's play lap, alongwith his younger brother Hussain RayAllāhu 'anhu and Usamah bin Zaid RayAllāhu 'anhu. HolyProphet Hazrat Muhammad used to invoke Allah saying,

I love them O Allah! Please love them too! 

Hassan RayAllāhu 'anhu was about eight years old when his maternal grandfather passed away.

Hassan Ibn Ali RayAllāhu 'anhu served, faithfully, all the caliphs of Islam, including his father, the fourth caliph of Islam, Ali bin Abi Talib. After his father, he too stayed in office for about a year after which he stepped down in favour of Mu'awiya RayAllāhu 'anhu.

After stepping down, he spent the rest of his life in scholarly activities, as befits the scholarly son of a great father, and the learned grandson of Allah's messenger Hazrat Muhammad . He died in 50AH (670 AD) and was buried at Madinah.

Importance of Hasan RayAllāhu 'anhu in Islam

Being a grandson of the Messenger of Allah, he became a source of continuing his program. He also emerged as a symbol and example of kind treatment of children since the Messenger of Allah used to treat Hasnain (Hasan and Husain) just like his own children. Moreover, Hazrat Hassan RayAllāhu 'anhu is the second of the twelve Imams for the Shia community.

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