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10 Reasons Why the Quran is the Best Book Ever Written

Quran on Rahel

The Quran, also known as the Qur’an or the Koran, is the holy book of Islam and Muslims. The Arabic word Qur'an means recitation, referring to its function as a divinely revealed scripture that cannot be altered and must be recited verbatim. The Quran was written by Muhammad in the 7th century in Mecca and Medina while he received revelations from God through the angel Gabriel.

1) It’s age

The Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) over a period of 23 years, from 610 AD to 632 AD. At that time, it became a work of literature revered for its timeless beauty. When you pick up The Quran, you read something otherworldly, but also hear echoes of what’s familiar and recognized about God. That combination makes for an experience unlike any other book on earth. Here are 10 reasons why

2) It wasn’t written by a Human

The style of the Qur'an may be considered quite unique. One observer noted that it avoids simple language, long sentences, and coarse expressions as much as possible. Qur'an presents many scientific facts and examples from daily life which are explained in a very clear and understandable way. In short, it can be said that it has two different styles: one addresses common people in a general manner and another delivers philosophical issues in a very precise language. Many specialists in different fields have written commentaries on Qur'an including some non-Muslims. Acknowledgement of literary excellence: This book has been acknowledged by experts of literature to be one of the greatest pieces of literature ever written in any language by anybody at any time. This indicates that Quran is written by Allah Almighty himself and is sent to the last messenger of Allah, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

3) The style of Quran

The Quran’s verses are composed in classical Arabic, believed to be the language spoken by Allah through Prophet Hazrat Mohammed (PBUH). Its words aren’t always easy to understand; it uses a lot of religious and cultural references that an outsider may not understand, but there’s real beauty in its verse. Take a look at some of these lines: And among His Signs is your sleep by night and by day and your seeking of His Bounty. Verily! That are indeed signs for a people who listen (Quran 40:61). Just try reading them out loud—they will give you goosebumps.

4) The stories in Quran

The stories of our past give us a sense of who we are and where we came from. The Quran serves as a history book for Muslims, outlining for them their creation story and how Muhammad ultimately delivered them from slavery. For non-Muslims, these stories allow them to understand Islam in context with other religions, particularly Christianity. In fact, some scholars believe that parts of both books share a common source — with only a few small adjustments here and there to fit their individual audiences.

5) Its use of language

Throughout history, many great books have been written. In their own ways, each book has contributed to shaping human culture and advancing civilization. However, very few books can compare to The Quran. It's because of The Quran that over a billion people across all corners of the world speak Arabic in addition to their native tongue; why Arab civilization was at its peak during early Islamic times; why knowledge of The Quran still permeates every aspect of Muslim life today. Simply put, no other book serves as a source of immense linguistic pride for so many people for so long after it was written.

6) Its consistency

The Quran was revealed over a period of 22 years, which would make it one of the most consistent books revealed for the betterment of mankind and different societies. Some other religious books were not as constant, that's why they need some kind of interpretation to be similar to today's culture. But all you have to do with The Quran is read it, there are no ifs or buts. It simply says: Do that and don't do that and follow those steps.

7) The beautiful way it is recited

The Quran doesn’t just tell stories about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) or famous religious figures. The book invites you to enter into a dialogue with God, and it makes that invitation in one of the most beautiful ways possible: through recitation. Whether you choose to listen to someone recite Al-Fatiha or any other surah, your heart will immediately soften as soon as he opens his mouth. If you have ever heard someone speak Arabic while they are deeply moved by a particular passage, then you know what I mean. In fact, many people say that listening to someone recite Quranic verses can be enough to bring them to tears. This is because no translation can match hearing it in its original language and sung by an individual who truly understands its meaning.

8) How it was preserved

By divine intervention! We believe that God revealed The Holy Qur'an to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) through Angel Gabriel (peace be upon him). Even though it has been 1400 years since its revelation, no changes or modifications have ever been made to it. It was memorized by hundreds of thousands of people during Prophet Muhammad's lifetime, and many memorizers wrote down what they remembered after his death. A written compilation of these memories was compiled into a book called The Mushaf. Since then, only small improvements have been made to it. These included: dots for vowels and other symbols for more accurate pronunciation. The overwhelming majority believe that any minor errors present in today's Qur'an are attributable to human error.

9) Its science

One of Allah's 99 names in Islam is 'Al-Hayy' meaning The Living, suggesting that He has life in Himself, and will never die. (Quran: 6:102) The Sunnah also states that God created Adam from the unique energy of His own creation; science tells us that it was indeed nuclear fusion. (Quran: 32:7) Further reading here.

 God has promised those who do good in this world that they will have an everlasting reward. (Quran: 3:135) Science tells us that there is an 'afterlife' too, and eternal life awaits us in heaven. (Quran: 23:100-103) Further reading here.

10) Incredible people praise it

There are many reasons to like or even love a book, but it’s not often that you hear someone say they love a book because other great people said so. But that’s just one of many reasons why so many incredible men and women have come out in favor of the Al-Quran (or Quran for short), a religious text believed by Muslims to be a revelation from God. Religious texts aren’t usually given very much attention outside of their particular community, but in recent years more and more scholars, intellectuals, politicians, and artists have taken note of what’s called one of humanity's finest pieces of literature. Many have become members of the Al-Quran Nation as well.

So, it’s pure, it’s incredible, and it’s a perfect piece of literature that guides toward becoming a good human being.

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