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The characteristics of the respected Prophets (chastity)


The characteristics of the respected Prophets (chastity)

The characteristics of the respected Prophets (chastity)

Chastity is the sense of being moral, decent, and uninvolved in any kind of unethical immoral act. Chastity is the main characteristic of the Prophets that evolve their character so high in rank. The whole structure of the religion stands on the moral and good conduct of the messengers.

Arguments of Scholars on Chastity

1. All the words and deeds of the prophet are true and have no discrepancy in them, not even a small discrepancy could be found. The words of the prophet are always true.

2. The miracle of the prophets is one of the proofs of their honesty and truthfulness. It is the power of Allah that is given to them to show the miracles. Otherwise, if the prophets claim by themselves, it could be magic or enchantment. While it’s not like that, it is the divine power of the supreme God that has bestowed the favors upon His beloved messengers.

3.  If any prophet became the violator of the law himself, then no one will follow his path because people will think of him to be dishonest immoral, and low in chastity. While it’s not possible. The prophets are innocent and they always follow the command of Allah.

4. It is also mentioned in the Quran. Allah said in surah Al Anam ayah no 85 “They were all virtuous” It is the evidence from the book of Allah that the prophets were innocent.

5. In another place surah Suwad ayah no 47 Allah mentioned that “decidedly they are in our eye the elected one and most righteous.”

6. It is so amazing to hear that even Satan does not have any supremacy over the prophet and even he cannot mislead them like he is used to mislead other human beings. In the same surah Suwad ayah no 82 and 83 it is mentioned that “I shall mislead every one of them except those of your slaves who are right-minded”.

7. Allah has made the Prophets superior to the angels; the angels are chaste Prophets of Allah are even more chaste than them.

Prophet never makes any mistake knowingly or unknowingly. Before the Prophethood or after the Prophethood, nor in the child nor their adult age. Every Prophet is free from sins. However, there are some of the Prophets mentioned in the Quran who had committed some mistake, which shows their human intellects. Their mistakes are just a slip and Allah has even forgiven them and even evaluated their ranks. Like Prophet Yunus. When he told his people to follow Allah, they did not listen to him, which makes the Prophet Yunus dishearten and after many tries, he decided to leave the place.

Gifted blessing

Prophethood is not an ordinary task that Allah has assigned. It is a trusteeship which is a very important responsibility. And Allah gives this responsibility to whom he wants and loves the most. The Prophethood cannot be achieved by doing good deeds and investing in religious cases rather it is the gift of Allah. He gives this gift to whomever he wants.


Almighty Allah chooses some of the souls to guide the human being, Allah knows the best that why he chooses those souls and the son of Adams to guide the human being. While some points could be understood.

1. Prophets are sent to follow so a Prophet must be from the same tribe and or group so that anyone cannot argue about the ability to follow. They were selected from the same group so that every individual could follow them. Otherwise, Allah could have sent the angels.

2. If Prophets were sent from the angel to the human, it would be impossible for the human to follow them because the qualities of the angel are far distinctive from the human beings.

3. It is worth noticing that Quran has mentioned that Prophet is a human being while on the other hand, Quran has drawn a line of distinction between an ordinary human being and the Prophets of Allah. That line is the revelation that is bestowed on them. If all the human being collected to gather even, then they could not bear the weight of a single revelation. It is also mentioned in the Quran that if we reveal the verses on a mountain they could have turned into pieces because of their weight. This is only the ability of a Prophet to bear the load of revelation.

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