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Difficulties faced by Prophet Muhammad ﷺ & early Muslims sets an example for Muslims today


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The Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad and his followers left an indelible mark in the annals of history of struggle against the wrong and the unjust. These history making noble souls of early Islamic history set great examples of patient perseverance, steadfastness, unshaken faith, commitment to their mission, love and devotion to the leader, and unity among their ranks. The Muslims today can follow these golden examples set by their ancestors-in-faith.

Patient perseverance and tolerance were, no doubt, the hallmark of the earliest Muslims, but this wonderful attribute itself branched out of a strong and unwavering faith in Allah, and His help for the true believers. Once they had embraced Islam they never doubted in it, and devoted their energies to the cause of Islam. The Quran appreciates such believers as:

Only those are believers who have believed in God and His Messenger and never since doubted, but have striven with their belongings and their persons in the cause of God; such are the sincere ones. (49:15)

Today's Muslims are required to strengthen their faith, first of all in the face of any opposition, calamity or hardships by looking at the Prophet Hazrat Muhammad all the times. They should develop a strong belief that true faith coupled with persistent struggle is bound to bear fruit sooner or later. A Muslim living a hard and troubled life should consider true faith as the greatest asset that can ultimately overcome all hardships and difficulties.

Patient perseverance and steadfastness are the attributes that are highly admired by Allah. He knows that true believers emerge successful from tests and trials, and for them He has huge and handsome rewards. Today, we are living in times when people tend to lose temper on the lightest provocation.

We should look to the noble example of the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad who would constantly face persecution, rejection and insult, but would remain undeterred.

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A Makkan woman would eagerly wait for the Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad who used to walk through the street where she lived. As the Holy Prophet , neared her residence, she would throw a load of trash pan on him. One day, she failed to perform this 'duty', and the Holy Prophet was so concerned about the woman that he went upstairs to inquire about her wellbeing. As he found her lying ill, the Holy Prophet attended her thoroughly till the time, she had thoroughly recovered. Later, she was so much impressed by the kind hearted Holy Prophet when that she embraced Islam. God promises abundance of rewards for such acts of nobility and forbearance. We, as true followers of the Holy Prophet , are required to follow his footsteps in order to hope God's mercy and blessing. The Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad and his followers set another example that we should also follow. They remained thoroughly united and disciplined against all odds. They would neither abandon their faith nor each other. This, they did because they fully knew that they were a single brotherhood, and this brotherhood was quite distinct from and superior to the one based on kinship or tribal unity. The Quran also confirms this by saying,

The Believers are but a single Brotherhood. (49:10)

Muslims in modern world are in great need of promoting such unity and fraternity, and not to fall a victim to sectarianism and disunity that negates the very basic teachings of Islam. They should promote mutual love and harmony and follow the example of the conduct of the Holy Prophet that provides us a perfect example,

You have, indeed, in the Messenger of God, a beautiful pattern of conduct (33:21)

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