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Prophethood and its need to mankind


Prophet Hood


After the touheed the second most important tenet of Islam is Prophethood. Without fulfilling this requirement even if the faith in Allah is not completed a Muslim must have faith in the apostleship. If a person even has only a tinge of disrespect regarding the prophet all his virtue and good deeds will vanish away. While on the other side if any person makes up their mind and starts praising the prophet so much that he even crosses the limits and makes the apostle rank as higher as of creator he becomes a polytheist. There are many different sayings and beliefs of people regarding the prophets, so it’s very important to discuss this topic so that we will not lose our good deeds unknowingly inshallah.

Need of prophethood

Men’s salvation in the hereafter depends upon the deeds they commit in this world and with what intention whether it was just to please people or it really for the sake of Allah. For Muslims there is always a prescribed way of worship which we should learn from the teachings of our great prophet Muhammad he is a guide to us in our every walk of life

1. the first need of the prophet is that we are unaware aware of the unseen things if we haven’t got any of the prophets, the unseen are the attributes of Allah on the day of judgment, the heaven and the hell life after death in the period of durzakh the qabar, angel, and stories of those nations whom Allah has crush moreover there are many other kinds of thing that a human eye cannot see but they are present. All the information is bought to by no other than the prophets. Prophet has informed us about Allah’s attributes and Allah’s power they make us realize about the blessing we are enjoying are the gifts from our creator. No, think for a while that if the prophet were not there to guide us who is there to show us the right path and tell us about the unseen, they are the only prophet whom Allah has assigned the task to guide mankind to the right path

2. have you ever imagined why we cannot see when it’s dark (no lights) a human eye can only see when there is some illumination light the light of the moon sun or artificially created lights from the bulbs. With the same scenario, our internal can’t see the creator so the illumination of Prophethood is a must and needed a lot.

3. It is a basic scientific fact that we collect and gather information about anything through our five senses. As we observe with our eyes, we hear the sound with our ears and so forth. This data is of many kinds some is visual some is audio, and some data is even the sensory touch and feel. But sometimes the data collect from observation mislead us like if we are sitting in a moving train, we see all the stationary objects trees mountains and many other things moving backward but in reality, they are not. It is a wrong interpretation, so that is why we are blessed with the wisdom to analyze and interpret sensory data in the right way. Similarly, we need to be upgraded wisdom to under the creator and that is bought to us by the prophet. It is also a proven fact from the historic perspective that the wisdom and the intellect of a common human being are not so great that they could understand the creator. The prophet fulfills this gap through their intellect and wisdom they are sent to show us the path that Allah has chosen and made for us.

4. if somebody thought that Allah has sent down His book to guide us and it’s enough for us to lead us to the right path if we stick to it. No, let’s think of a swimming guidebook. What if you are given a guide and asked to learn to swim by reading that book? Of course, you will not secede in that because it’s just a book you need a guide to make you aware of the moves and how to move your legs to resist the gravitational pull when you are in the water. Similarly, you need a guide for this journey of Duniyaa to dive through it.


There has always been a need for a guide so a prophet is important to guide us one must not think that he can do it on his own. A normal person doesn’t have the intellect to remain steadfast and under the message of Allah without the guidance of prophets.

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