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Why did people of Meca fought against the Muslims of Medina – early Islamic history

early Islamic history

The Meccans fought the Muslims at Medina for several reasons. Firstly they considered the Muslim renegades from their own religion and wanted to punish them for this crime. Secondly, the Makkans couldn't stand the fact that these very pious people whom they considered 'rebels' were living in peace and safety in City, State of Medina.

This was a cause of anger and frustration for them. Last but not least, the City, State of Medina, now in Muslim control, lay on the route of the annual grand caravan of the Quraysh. This trade route was the lifeline of the Makkan economy and the Muslims threatened to strangle it. This happened after Abu Jahl of Mecca threatened Medinites from performing Umra, and they, in turn, decided to cut off their trade route.

These along with several other reasons were behind the fight and jealousy of the Meccans (Kuffaar) against Muslims of the City, State of Medina.

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