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Quran - Style of writing combinations of words, Makki and madani surahs, their cause of revelation, and compilation of Quran


The style of writing of the Quran:

The Holy is not written in a story mode like inductive, nor it is written presumptively or tentatively rather the Holy Quran Is written as an entitlement as a prerogative book. Show completeness and authority over others. Simply we can say that many words in the Quran are spelled differently from their common style of writing so no Muslim or anyone else has the authority to change it, whatever is prescribed by Allah and his messenger Muhammad ﷺ is right. 

Quran is a combination of words and meanings:

Quran is the book of Allah and all the words of the Quran are sent down by Him, with those words their meaning is also sent down to Prophet Muhammad, a companion of Prophet Muhammad got those meanings by the Sunnah and hadiths of our beloved prophet. Like the word al haaqqa, the meaning was also sent down with the word. The word in surah mutafifin (kitab al sijeen) 

Makki and Madani surah

That surah which was revealed by our great Prophet Muhamad ﷺ before the hijrah from Makkah is called Makki surah and those surahs reveal after the event of hijrah take place are known to be the Madani surahs. The period of hijrah was almost ten years, mostly the Makki surah discusses the Oneness of Allah touched and the risalat of Muhammad ﷺ, moreover the stories of prophets before muahmmad ﷺ are also covered in these surahs. These surahs also shed some light on the infidelity. While if we talk about the Madani surah the essence of madaniMadani is all about the rules and regulations of Islam.  

Causes of a revelation:

There is always a background for any revelation that Allah has sent down. And it is very much important to under on what bases the specific ayat of the Quran was revealed. Sometimes it’s an event, or sometime it may be any confusion between the people. In some cases, people ask a question about something so to answer that question Allah S.W.T reveal some verses. Understanding the philosophy of revelation is most important under that particular ayah because it may be revealed for a particular person or for a particular time. For example, surah Lahab in the last parah of the Quran is particularly revealed for Abu Lahab.  So to understand and get what the Quran originally prescribe us we must go for its Tafseer. Otherwise, we will be misunderstood and my sin.

Compilation of the Holy Quran 

Quran is the most sacred book and a holy script for Muslims. It is the complete code of life and gives guidance in every walk of our lives. The revelation of the Quran took almost 23 years to complete, during that time Quran was not in the shape of the Musahaf that we read today, it was memorized by the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and his companion. Some of these companions wrote the Quran on different materials like palm leaves, pieces of parchment, and bone fragments. These records were kept safe but were not in a proper series, later on after the death of our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ the compilation of the Quran started to spread the Deen of Allah and to make the book of Allah easier to read for the new Muslims, Hazrat Abu Baqar the first Khalif of Islam took this responsibility to compile the word of Allah. The hierarchy of surah that we see today was prescribed by Prophet but later on, it was adopted by Hazrat Abu Baqar, later on in the time of the third khalif of Islam Hazrat Usman bn Afan along with many scholars make a standard writing format and make many copies of Quran to preach the message of islam in new geographies.

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